8 cool places to hang a hammock in the garden

Getting a hammock for your garden provides endless opportunities to kick back and relax! 

Choosing the right spot for your hammock is important. There are convenience and safety matters to consider, but it’s also about what vibe you want to create for your hanging spot. 

Ideally, you want to pick somewhere relaxing, either in the sun or the shade, depending on where you like to chill, and in a location that’s scenic. 

That could be near the trees, under the stars, by the waterside, or near the open flames of a fire pit. It really depends on where you’d like to relax and what environment helps you get there. 

If you’re wondering, “Where should I hang a hammock in my garden?”, we’re here to inspire!

Here’s our list of 8 cool places to hang a hammock in the garden to help you find the perfect spot.

1. Between Two Trees

Hanging a hammock between two trees in the garden is a timeless classic that has to be mentioned. There’s no better way to mimic the Caribbean lifestyle! 

Ideally, you’d want them to be palm trees to fully recreate the beach vibe, but any trees will suffice. In this location, you’ll be able to listen to the soothing sounds of the rustling leaves with a dreamy view above you.

Just make sure you check the trees are strong enough to hold the weight of a person and far enough apart for the hammock to span across. You’ll also want to make sure you won’t damage the trees in any way by fixing a hammock to them. 

2. By the Poolside

Sun, sea, and a swinging hammock create the perfect recipe for relaxation! To recreate the Caribbean lifestyle at home, swap the sea for the poolside and you’ve got yourself the best place to hang a hammock in the garden. 

With a hammock by the poolside or next to the hot tub, sunbathing will be more comfortable than on the lounger. Plus, after a dip, you can simply roll into the hammock to dry off.

If you don’t have any trees or walls nearby, you can use a Tri-Beam Hammock Stand or a Wooden Arc Stand. It’ll keep your hammock secure and make your poolside look fab!

cool places to hang a hammock

3. On a Veranda or Pergola

An undercover seating area in the garden is the ultimate place to entertain your guests or chill out as a family. 

Styling your pergola or veranda with a Swinging Jumbo Caribbean Recliner or a Hammock Chair can provide extra seating and a dreamy reading spot in the shade. It’ll also create a space you, your family, and your guests can enjoy.

For a modern, boho look, you can fashion the space around the hammock with solar string lights and hanging plants. It’ll make your garden the most charming evening hangout spot in the neighborhood!

4. On the Lawn

If your lawn gets a ton of sunlight during the day, hanging a hammock in the middle of the grass can be one of the best places in the garden. It can create the ideal reading, sunbathing, or napping spot under the sun. Plus, on clear nights, you can sit out on the lawn and watch the stars. 

You’ll need to use a stand to fix it in place, which is great if you want to move the hammock into the sun or shade at different parts of the day. 

If you want to make the hammock a permanent fixture on your lawn, you can create a pathway or steppingstones leading to the bed. It’ll look fashionable and you won’t have to tread on the grass every time you want to lounge!

best place to hang a hammock in the garden

5. On the Patio

Another classic place to hang a hammock in the garden is on the patio or decking, either in the sun or shade. You can use it as an extra chair, a sun lounger, or as a napping spot.

To style it nicely, slip a rug underneath so your feet don’t get too hot when you get out and scatter a few plants nearby. It’ll look lavish and feel like a peaceful hideaway!

6. By (or Over!) a Pond

It’s risky, but if you want to experience the full effect of nature around you, fitting a hammock near or over a garden pond can be a cool place to hang out!

If you have a water feature in your pond, it’ll be even better! Listening to the trickling sound of water as you lounge can make you feel even more relaxed and carefree.

Just be very careful when getting in and out, especially if you have fish, frogs, or other insects in your pond. The last thing you want to do is fall in and disrupt them!

7. By the Fire Pit

Provided you’ve left a safe enough distance between you and the open flames, lounging on a hammock near the crackling fire is another cool place to hang! 

You can use your hammock as you watch the flames and chat with friends. Or you can simply kick back and watch the stars with the fire’s glow as your only light. 

To make it an even cooler hang-out spot, get a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock that’s big enough for two. It’ll be an awesome place to stargaze together on date night! Plus, you’ll stay warm and toasty all night long.

8. Under a Treehouse

Another cool place to hang a hammock in the garden is under the treehouse. Your kids will love it as an additional play spot, and you can enjoy it, too!

If you’ve got enough space, a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock can stretch between the posts or nearby trees to offer ultimate lounging.

If your treehouse is square-shaped, a Hammock Chair can become a mini swing for the kids and a chair for you to relax in on warm, summer nights.


There are so many cool places to hang a hammock in the garden. These luxury items offer relaxation, comfort, and style – no matter where you hang them!

If you feel inspired to get a hammock for your garden, explore our collection of artisan Caribbean Hammocks now. Our hammocks are hand-woven with love and care to bring you the highest quality materials and endless comfort – for years and years to come!

March 31, 2022 — Paul Ashwell

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