Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Orange


Melt away the stress and rejuvenate your soul by spending some time swinging in a Mayan hammock. Mayan hammocks do not have wood spreader bars. They hang in a classic "U" shape, cradling you in a pocket of extreme comfort.

Many people have discovered the comfort of the Mayan style hammock. This timeless classic is sure to induce feelings of complete relaxation.

Our Mayan hammocks are fashioned after the handwoven hammocks of Central America and the Caribbean, these hammocks are widely recognized to be some of the worlds most comfortable. You will find them to be soft, flexible, well balanced, and oh so relaxing. If you wish to share this hammock with someone else, this hammock can snugly fit two medium sized people.

Our Mayans have been upgraded with modern materials that are robust enough to stand up to kids, dogs, parties, and the weather.. The bed is woven in a tight knit micro-weave for extra support and even weight distribution. We also use extra thick end cords for your hanging safety and security and jumbo diameter o-rings that are the largest and strongest in the industry.

  • Enough room for 2 people
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Hanging distance of 11.5 ft or more required
  • Hanging height of 5 feet or more required
  • Longer distances can be accommodated with some rope or chain
  • Weather resistant
  • 100% polyester
  • Hanging hardware sold separately